Thursday, July 14, 2005

So I am finally online! Now what?

Two weeks of intense research and three different web hosts later I finally have a webhost that satisfied all my requirements. is now finally online.


  1. Chandra,

    Is it true that real IT guys host their own sites? Just curious ;)


  2. No, only the ones that don't know better :). We will see what happens when there is an earthquake in San Francisco :).

  3. Hi Chandra, tried to mail you, but mail was returned.... Saw your post on the vanillamist blog, that you plan to create a connections theme for coppermine. I have started doing this as well, but am at present a little stuck. I used the modified kubrick theme (available on the coppermine website). But am having a few problems with the sidebar, so thought you might want to have a look at it (whenever you got time) - instead of you having to start from scratch. The coppermine theme can be found at, and you can see how it looks (how far I've come ;-) ...) at


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