Monday, September 19, 2005

Emmy's Snubs 24

I just finished watching the Emmys. I can't believe 24 did not receive the best drama series award or the best lead actor. The Emmy voters are seriously LOST (get it?). And to make matters worse they award the best lead actor to James Spader and the best series to Lost. I would have been completely ok with West Wing taking the best drama series if not 24. Since the votes are cast based on one episode of the series , I wonder if a show like 24, which requires you to watch the entire series to appreciate how wonderful it is, will ever win.

But it does not matter whether the show receives an Emmy or not. We are all on your side Jack, when these jokers in hollywood get kidnapped by terrorists, you look the other way :).

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  1. [...] So. I was wrong. I admit it. I was wrong about ABC’s Lost. I missed the entire first season and was pretty mad that it won Best drama over 24 last year at the Emmys. Now I know why this show is so loved. Its an awesome piece of writing. I started watching it this season and I loved it so much that I watched the entire first season of Lost on video IPod in a couple of days (yes…couple of days…you have a problem with that??). I was a big fan of X-files and this show is in some ways very similar to that show. If you have never seen it , you should give it a chance. [...]