Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ran out of Gas on information superhighway

I have been quiet for a while and Comcast is the sole reason why. For almost two weeks I have been out of internet service at homeh. There was no outage in my area, however, for some strange reason my connection was never on for more than minute or two. It drove me nuts. I spent countless hour reseting the modem, reseting the router, connecting the computer directly etc etc and to no avail . And the jokers who call themselves Customer Service reps were doing me no service. And when the connection was finally on last week, I was off to L.A to attend Microsoft PDC (more details to follow). But purely out of spite (and to punish Comcast for the severe withdrawl symtoms I had for two weeks) I am going to switch to SBC Yahoo DSL. I just got my DSL Modem yesterday, only time will tell if that will work out.

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