Monday, January 30, 2006

Installing Trac on a shared server account

Trac has a lot of complex dependencies and contrary to what the TracInstall page says it is one hell of a painful job installing it in a shared server under one's own home directory. This is a step-by-step guide of how I made it work and the mileage will vary greatly on the version you try to use. If this guide was helpful or needs corrections, please let me know.

Now lets get on with it... I found the following pages useful for the install:

Note:All of my installs follow the same pattern. Untar the distribution into a [tool]-[version]-dist directory and install to $HOME/[tool]-[version] and create a symlink to $HOME/[tool]. This allows me to easily upgrade individual pieces without breaking others (I simply symlink to the new version when its time to upgrade).

Installing Trac's dependencies:

1. Python (version 2.4) : Eventhough you might have Python in your shared server , you need your own version because of ClearSilver.

$ wget
$ gunzip Python-2.4.2.tgz; tar xvf Python-2.4.2.tar;
$ mv python-2.4.2 python-2.4.2-dist
$ cd python-2.4.2-dist
$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/python-2.4.2
$ make; make install
$ ln -sf $HOME/python-2.4.2 $HOME/python

IMPORTANT: Add $HOME/python/bin to the start of your PATH variable and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your shell. If you use bash, set it in .bashrc as follows:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/python/lib/

2. Installing ClearSilver (0.10.2):

$ wget
$ gunzip clearsilver-0.10.2.tar.gz; tar xvf clearsilver-0.10.2.tar
$ mv clearsilver-0.10.2 clearsilver-0.10.2-dist
$ cd clearsilver-0.10.2-dist
$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/clearsilver-0.10.2 --with-python=$HOME/python/bin/python --disable-ruby --disable-java --disable-perl --disable-csharp
$ make ; make install --prefix=$HOME/clearsilver-0.10.2

3. Install egenix extensions for python (2.0.6: Trac needs mxDateTime)

$ wget
$ gunzip egenix-mx-base-2.0.6.tar.gz
$ tar xvf egenix-mx-base-2.0.6.tar
$ cd egenix-mx-base-2.0.6
$ python build
$ python install ---prefix=$HOME/python

4. Install sqlite (version 3.2.2)

$ wget
$ gunzip sqlite-3.2.2.tar.gz
$ tar xvf sqlite-3.2.2.tar
$ mv sqlite-3.2.2 sqlite-3.2.2-dist
$ cd sqlite-3.2.2-dist
$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/sqlite-3.2.2
$ edit Makefile to remove references to build and install tclsqlite since I did not have TCL installed

all: sqlite3.h sqlite3$(TEXE) $( -to-
all: sqlite3.h sqlite3$(TEXE)


install: sqlite3 sqlite3.h ${HAVE_TCL:1=tcl_install} -to-
install: sqlite3 sqlite3.h

$ make ; make install --prefix=$HOME/sqlite-3.3.2
$ ln -sf $HOME/sqlite-3.3.2 $HOME/sqlite

4. Install PySqlite (version 1.1.6) (I could not get PostgresSQL to work with Trac because my ISP does not start the postgresSQL daemon to accept TCP/IP connections):

$ wget
$ gunzip pysqlite-1.1.6.tar.gz
$ tar xvf pysqlite-1.1.6.tar
$ mv pysqlite pysqlite-1.1.6
$ cd pysqlite-1.1.6
$ edit and change the following:

include_dirs = ['/usr/include/sqlite']
library_dirs = ['/usr/lib/']


include_dirs = ['/path/to/homedir/python/include/sqlite']
library_dirs = ['/path/to/homedir/python/lib/']

$ python build
$ python install

5. Install Subversion (Skipping this section) : See my previous post on how to install subversion.

I still had to do the following to get python bindings for SVN in my subversion-1.1.4-dist directory:

$ ./configure PYTHON=$HOME/python/bin/python --prefix=$HOME/subversion --with-swig=$HOME/swig/bin/swig --without-berkeley-db --with-ssl --with-zlib --disable-shared
$ make
$ make swig-py
$ make install-swig-py

## HACK WARNING ### I also had copy some of the svn libraries from the original python install at my ISP:
$ cd $HOME/python/lib/python-2.4/site-packages
$ cp -R /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/libsvn .
$ cp -R /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/svn .

6. Install SWIG (version 1.3.24):

$ wget
$ gunzip swig-1.3.24.tar.gz
$ tar xvf swig-1.3.24.tar
$ mv SWIG-1.3.24/ swig-1.3.24-dist
$ cd swig-1.3.24-dist/
$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/swig-1.3.24 --with-python=$HOME/python/bin/python
$ make; make install
$ ln -sf $HOME/swig-1.3.24/ $HOME/swig

Installing TRAC

Now to the real reason we went through all this pain... installing trac itself

$ wget
$ gunzip trac-0.9.3.tar.gz
$ tar xvf trac-0.9.3.tar
$ mv trac-0.9.3 trac-0.9.3-dist
$ cd trac-0.9.3-dist
$ python build
$ python install --prefix=$HOME/python

Create a trac environment and test

$ trac-admin $HOME/trac-projects initenv

answer the questions as part of the above command. You will need to pay close attention only to the location of your svn repository , in my case it is $HOME/svn.

Your Trac install is DONE.

Now to access this through a browser. Do the following in your public_html directory:

$ mkdir $HOME/public_html/trac
$ cd trac
# create a projects.cgi with the following content:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/path/to/home/python/lib"
export TRAC_ENV="/path/to/home/trac-projects"

$ chmod +x projects.cgi
# create a .htaccess file:
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Log in to Trac. guest access use (guest/guest) as userid/password"

require valid-user

AuthUserFile /path/to/home/htpassword/file
DirectoryIndex projects.cgi

$ ln -sf $HOME/python/share/trac/htdocs trac-static
# edit $HOME/trac-projects/conf/trac.ini and add the following under [trac]
htdocs_location = /trac-static

Now go to http://[your-domain]/trac and you should see something like this (login as guest/guest:


  1. Great Tutorial!

    You have a typo in step 3, last line:
    $ python install –prefix=$HOME/python

    prefix should have double dash --prefix ;)

    Not a biggie of course, but just if someone wonders ;)

  2. Useful pieces of information. Boy, Trac is such a PITA for installation. I installed it just because it has the best usability and looks. I could not get the python bindings for svn to work correctly.

  3. Get rid of the --disable-shared while configuring subversion, and the python binding s start working...

    of course, i had to copy stuff over from svn-python/ to python2.4/site-packages/ to get python to find the module. (i could have used PYTHONPATH as well, i guess)

  4. [...] Before I try and take all the glory I need to thank Chandra who did most of the work. All I’ve done is modify it for just Site5. You can find her article at [...]

  5. Thanks for the detailed documentation. Finally got trac to install after 4 days of configuration hell on a shared server. Couple of changes I had to make to get my install to work:

    Step 4:
    include_dirs = ["/path/to/homedir/python/include/sqlite"]
    library_dirs = ["/path/to/homedir/python/lib/"]

    I had to point to sqlite/include and sqlite/lib respectively.

    And the last step for me was copying file /clearsilver-0.10.2-dist/python/ to /python/lib/python2.4/site-packages.

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